Schierk & Bechtloff lawyers

Areas of Practice

relating to commercial aviation
as well as private/business aviation (general aviation)

We assist clients in respect of:

  • aircraft/engine sale and purchase agreements (for sellers and purchasers)
  • aircraft/engine financing/loan agreements and all related documents
  • aircraft/engine lease agreements
  • aircraft management agreements
  • aircraft charter agreements (passenger and cargo)
  • aircraft/engine maintenance, refurbishment and support agreements
  • airline code sharing and marketing agreements
  • agency agreements
  • aircraft ground handling agreements
  • aircraft catering agreements
  • aircraft crew training/simulator agreements
  • conditions of carriage.

Further, we advise clients on:

  • all issues of financial, operational and technical fitness/conditions for air carriers
  • ownership and control issues in relation to operating licenses and aircraft registration
  • aircraft registration/deregistration in Germany
  • registration/cancellation of aircraft mortgages in Germany
  • registration and searches in the International Registry
  • obtaining and maintaining of air operator certificate and operating licence
  • other approvals and licenses from administrative bodies
  • EASA Part-145 and additional approvals for MROs
  • ETS issues in the aviation sector.

We examine the legal situation, advise and represent clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings and out of court settlements with regard to:

  • claims resulting from aviation related contracts and/or statutory law (e. g. tort)
  • aircraft/engine damage
  • debt enforcement actions
  • interim/temporary proceedings
  • aircraft detention and repossession
  • product liability
  • unfair competition and anti-trust law
  • IT-law
  • labour and employment
  • defence against passenger claims
  • general terms and conditions
  • subsidy issues
  • aviation tax
  • duties, public fees and charges (e. g. security charges)
  • airport fees
  • traffic rights
  • licences and approvals
  • night flight restrictions
  • administrative orders
  • regulatory appeals
  • communication/controversies with the German Civil Aviation Authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt/”LBA”), German Ministry of Transport and/or EASA